How to Get Free Samples

Recently I stumbled across a website called Freeflys that contained links to different freebies. The webpage is set up so that you can find different samples based on the category you are interested in. Each day, the website posts new samples that are available. Some products have a limit on how many samples they will give away so this website is perfect for getting the samples before they are gone. 

Once I signed up for a  Freeflys account, I could not believe how many samples I could get! I started clicking every link that was interesting to me (mostly beauty and health) and signed up to receive many samples. I signed up to receive items such as shampoo, perfume and make-up samples. Since I signed up (about a week ago) I have received one sample, Burberry Brit Rhythm men’s cologne. 


The cologne sample was similar to one that can be found in a magazine. The package contained three cards that had powder underneath a protective plastic that could be rubbed onto the skin for a one-time use. Since it was a men’s fragrance I handed it to my boyfriend to test out. It smelled really good! I was a little disappointed that the sample was not in liquid form, but it was free, what can I expect?

*Be on the lookout for more sample descriptions after I receive them in the mail!