Dressing Expensive for Less

Have you ever wondered where you can buy good quality fashionable clothes without blowing all your cash? I have found several stores that I continuously find great clothes for low prices.


I always get excited when I get a chance to shop at a Marshalls store. Unfortunately, the closest Marshalls to where I live is 60 miles away. Whenever I am traveling, I make a point to try and stop at this store because I always leave the store with extraordinary finds.  For those who are unfamiliar with the store, they sell name brand and designer fashion for up to 60% off the retail price. The image below is from the Marshalls’ Pinterest page. This crossbody purse was originally priced at $148 and was sold to a customer on clearance for $29!



Goodwill and thrift stores in general are  some of the best places to find unique items for low prices. I never know what I will find at Goodwill, and that’s what makes it so great! When shopping there, I find many unique pieces that are in perfect like-new condition. Some of my favorite finds at Goodwill would be professional attire. When shopping for professional clothing pieces at “brand-new” clothing stores prices can be very pricey, but when I went to Goodwill I found shoes, dress pants and suit jackets (Josephine, Worthington, Rue 21 and Christopher & Banks brands) of pristine quality for under $10! In fact, I found two pairs of shoes (Bandolino and Naturalizer brands) for only $1.99! The professional clothing items I have purchased from Goodwill are shown below. I am able to have a decent selection of professional attire in my wardrobe because I have found these items for tremendously affordable prices.


Brands: Bandolino & Naturalizer


Brands: Josephine, Worthington, Rue 21, Christopher & Banks

Other stores where I find outstanding deals are Burlington Coat Factory and on the website buytrends.com. Although I have not yet purchased from BuyTrends, I have found many fashionable items for super low prices!

What stores do you recommend for finding quality clothing at low prices?