Who Doesn’t Love a Cheap Date? Post 1: Relax

As part of the cheap date blog post trio, this one focuses more on staying home or doing activities that don’t require much energy. Some days (especially after a long week of work) we just want to relax and enjoy time with our significant others. Here are a few things I’ve done when I’ve just wanted to lounge around with the boyfriend while not spending much money.


Making crafts can be relaxing and a fun way to pass the time with your significant other. Whenever I am feeling crafty, I usually get ideas from Pinterest. There are so many inexpensive and easy crafts that can be found on Pinterest. There are numerous crafts I’ve posted to my boards on Pinterest that I look forward to hopefully getting to do some day. Some ideas are home decor projects (for example, is a holiday coming up that you want to decorate using items you made?) and personal interests. When getting ideas for crafts do make with your significant other, try looking at Pinterest boards for ideas.


My boyfriend and I have done a few craft projects in the past; one involved creating bracelets for each other. One night while lounging around the house we were bored and decided to go to Walmart to pick up a few toiletry items. While there, we passed an aisle that was filled with items and kits to make your own jewelry. We thought it would be fun to create bracelets for one another. So we picked up a jewelry making kit for about $10 that contained some charms, wiring and clips.  We then bought a separate package of just beads (to put on the wiring) for about $4. Lastly, we each picked out a big charm from the wall filled with individual charms that we wanted to add to the bracelet we were making for the other person. We each picked out a different style of heart. The final outcome of the bracelet my boyfriend made for me is shown below.


Cook Together

I am amazed at how much I have learned about my boyfriend  just by cooking with him. There are so many different techniques and ways to do things in the kitchen. I have come to realize that cooking with your significant other helps develop teamwork skills with each other. One afternoon my boyfriend and I had the whole day off and decided to pick up some fresh groceries and make a meal together. It was a lot of fun and in the end we made some really good food!


Peppers stuffed with: sun dried tomato flavor chicken, mushrooms, and rice topped with mozzarella cheese with potatoes on the side… and don’t forget the homemade strawberry smoothies


Other than watching movies on Netflix or Redbox my boyfriend and I often travel 20 minutes to a value movie theater. Even though these movies are “nearly new” they are still a lot of fun to go see! On Tuesdays, the movie theater features $1.75 price per ticket! Every other day the tickets are $3.00 (matinee) or $4.00 (evening). Going to value cinemas is a great way to get out of the house, spend little money and enjoy time with your significant other.

What do you like to do with your significant other when you want to relax?